Fertiliser Testing Services

Be Assured of Your Fertiliser Nutrient Content and Quality

Measure fertiliser nutrient content and quality to optimise production processes and make tailoured nutrient decisions. Maximise yields, promote sustainability, and achieve superior crop quality.

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Fertiliser Testing Kit
Ensure Fertiliser Quality

Ensure Fertiliser Quality

Improve Fertiliser Quality and Nutrient Application

Verify fertiliser quality, meeting industry standards and ensure fert is free from contaminants.

Analyse fertiliser nutrient content for precise levels and ratios to enable customised application rates for nutrient uptake, ensuring cost-effective, environmentally friendly practices with the 4R principles – Right fertiliser, Right rate, Right time, Right place

Provide high-quality fertilisers with optimal nutrients for maximum crop growth and higher yield potential.

Accurate Nutrient Application

Customised Fertilisser Usage for Efficient Nutrition

Analyse fertiliser nutrient content for precise levels and ratios. Customise application rates for efficient nutrient uptake, minimising waste, and ensuring cost-effective, environmentally friendly practices with the 4R principles.

Accurate Nutrient Application
Crop-Specific Fertiliser Recommendations

Crop-Specific Fertiliser Recommendations

Fine-Tune Nutrient Management Strategies

Receive tailoured recommendations based on crop-specific needs. Fine-tune nutrient management strategies for improved plant health, optimised growth, and higher-quality yields.

Fertiliser Testing Suites

Composite Analysis

Comprehensive suite of tests that provide a holistic assessment of your sample.

Manure Analysis

Manure Analysis

Insightful Manure Analysis for Organic Applications. Guiding Proper Usage of Composts and Soil Enhancers
Measures: Total N & Moisture / Total N, Total C & Ash / Moisture & pH / NPKS content
When to test: N/A

Price: $45.00 - $94.50

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About ARL

About ARL

Get the results you need with ARL

ARL is a testing laboratory offering a full range of analytical services in the agricultural space.

Our laboratory is unique within the industry, focusing on agriculture and environmental testing for our farmers, growers, and researchers.

We are dedicated to providing relevant information to our customers, allowing them to plan and manage as accurately as possible.

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