Consultants and Agronomists

Empower your clients with data-driven insights

We understand that as advisers your success depends on the success of your customers.

Our accreditation status, depth of expertise solely specialising in the agricultural sector and decades of experience servicing the needs of NZ farmers and growers make us your ideal partner of choice for all your soil, plant, feed, compost and fertiliser analysis needs.

Our scale of operations lends us the ability to deal with seasonal demands.

We can accommodate your volumes, commercial needs and provide fast turnaround times so you can offer your clients timely advice.

Our extensive range of soil, plant, feed quality, compost and fertiliser analysis suites (are well researched) stood the test of time and are grounded in science. 

We follow scientifically verified methodologies) to ensure that our guidelines are applicable to and well-suited for NZ growing conditions, so you can formulate your recommendation on appropriate guidelines and reliable results.

We continuously add new tests to our list of tests so that NZ farmers and growers have access to the latest technologies – for example, we are now the only lab that offers plant sap testing locally in NZ.

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